The following pages include resources designed to support understanding and implementation of today’s science standards.

NGSS Key Takeaways

Key Takeaways for Transforming Science Education

The NGSS Key Takeaways share vital lessons learned by educators, researchers, developers, and other leaders working since 2013 to implement new science standards across the country.



NGSS Now is our monthly newsletter, which shares the latest news, success stories, and proven resources to support high-quality science education across the country.

NGSS Design Badge

NGSS Design Badge and High-Quality Science Units

High-quality examples of curricular materials identified through NextGenScience’s EQuIP reviews are shared online for educators and developers to use and learn from. Materials that have earned the highest rating on the EQuIP Rubric for Science are awarded the NGSS Design Badge, a digital badge to acknowledge exemplar design for today’s science standards.


Assessments designed for today’s science standards can give educators better information about what all students know and can do in science. Our collection of assessment resources enables educators to select, design, and implement science tasks that value reasoning over rote memorization.


NextGenScience Publications

NextGenScience publications and resources support educators and leaders to transform science teaching, learning, and leadership.

Evaluation Tool Guide

The following chart offers a guide to the tools best suited to address particular issues.
I want to: I should learn about the following tool:

Evaluate, select, pilot, and implement a full science program or curriculum.

NextGen TIME

EdReports Evaluations

  • Conduct a robust analysis to determine if a unit meets the expectations for NGSS design.
  • Generate suggestions for improving a unit.
  • Spot check units in a full program to see if the program is of high quality.
  • Provide a group of reviewers with common features of high-quality units for today’s science standards.

EQuIP Rubric for Science

  • Quickly screen a lesson or unit to determine whether a development or revision process is on the right track.
  • Conduct a quick screen to see if materials warrant a more detailed review.
  • Provide a group of reviewers with a common understanding of the foundational features of NGSS-designed materials.

NGSS Lesson Screener

  • Select a unit for a unit study or unit replacement, so teachers can see the NGSS shifts in action.
  • See an example and accompanying review of a high-quality unit designed for today’s science standards.

NextGenScience Peer Review Panel evaluations and high-quality examples

  • Thoroughly evaluate a science assessment task.
  • Provide a group of reviewers with common features to look for in quality assessment tasks.

Science Task Screener

Conduct a quick review of an assessment task to identify “red flags.”

Science Task Prescreen

See examples of quality assessment tasks and accompanying resources.

Task Annotation Project in Science (TAPS)

Tennessee District Science Network (TDSciN) Task Library

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