NextGenScience provides professional learning opportunities, using the EQuIP Suite of Tools developed by Achieve and its partners, to support educators and leaders at all levels of a school system with evaluating, selecting, designing, and implementing high-quality instructional materials and assessments. The collaborative learning experiences to support the tools’ use also help create a common understanding of the NGSS innovations among participants.

Our professional learning sessions are designed and led by expert facilitators who are well versed in the NGSS, the EQuIP Suite of Tools, and adult learning practices that meet the needs of all learners. Our facilitators work to tailor each professional learning experience to meet the needs and context of the group.  Every professional learning opportunity we offer is tailored to the goals of the local coordinator and to the level of expertise of the participants.

See below for guidance to help you determine which professional learning opportunity is right for you.

I am Working on:
Instructional Materials to Support Today’s Science Standards
I’m Looking for Support or Training on: NextGenScience offers:

Selecting full-year curricula, including:

  • Choosing the right materials for my district
  • Building educators’ capacity to implement the materials by deepening understanding of my state’s new science standards
  • Building buy-in for the selected materials
  • Planning professional learning to support using the materials to advance instruction

Curriculum Support for Evaluating and Enacting Full-Year Programs
NextGenScience can work with your team to plan for a materials selection strategy to meet your needs.

This work could include using the NextGen TIME tools and processes, which help educators and school and district leaders evaluate curricular programs and plan for the changes that come when new curricula are selected.

Planning professional learning to support implementation of the selected materials and maximize their impact

NextGen TIME Professional Learning
If you already have selected instructional materials, the NextGen TIME tools and processes can be used to identify the strengths and limitations of the materials and plan the professional learning for implementation.

Evaluating existing instructional materials

Creating a shared understanding of the features of high-quality instructional materials

NGSS EQuIP Suite of Tools Review
Using the NGSS EQuIP Suite of Tools, our team of experts can review and rate existing instructional materials. Reviews are confidential unless your materials earn the NGSS Design Badge, which promotes the highest quality materials.

I am working on:
Assessments for Today’s Science Standards
I’m Looking for Support or Training on: NextGenScience offers:

Developing new systems of assessment for science, including:

  • Adapting existing assessment tasks
  • Developing assessment tasks from scratch
  • Improving understanding of how assessments for today’s science standards should be different from previous assessments

Professional Learning on NGSS Assessment
This professional learning option includes training in how to apply the Science Task Screener and Prescreen Tool to science assessment items as well as how to use the Task Annotation Project in Science to deepen assessment understanding.

Evaluating new systems of assessment for science

Science Assessment Reviews
Our team offers reviews and feedback on district or classroom science assessments using assessment task evaluation tools.

I am Working on:
Another Issue Related to Implementation of the NGSS or Three-Dimensional Science Standards
I’m Looking for Support or Training on: NextGenScience offers:

A training or presentation for my district, state, school, organization, meeting, or conference

Custom Seminars, Workshops, or Keynotes
Our team of experts can craft a training or presentation to suit your specific needs. Please get in touch to let us know how we can help.

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