The NextGenScience team supports states and districts to evaluate and improve their science systems through the equitable implementation of today’s rigorous science standards. The team provides strategic and customized support for multi-district networks as well as for individual districts, enabling them to define the current state of their science program using multiple measures and to improve their district science systems, including by:

  1. Collecting and analyzing data to define the current state of a district science program and conduct a needs assessment.
  2. Building the capacity of district leaders and educators to manage system-wide components of standards implementation (e.g., instructional materials, assessments, and communications).
  3. Facilitating strategic planning support with state leaders, district leaders, school leaders, and educators (e.g., vision setting and root cause analysis).
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Download our District Partnership Spotlight to learn more about how we’ve worked with districts.


This video highlights a partnership between NextGenScience and district science leadership in Iowa, which was centered around data collection to support strategic planning, monitoring progress, technical assistance, and professional learning.

Note: This partnership took place when the NextGenScience team was a part of Achieve and was funded by Arconic Foundation and the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation.

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