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Boy with Toy Camera

Driving Problem: Students are told their new boss has asked them to be a part of a design team that will build a toy camera that will use flashing lights for young children to pretend to take pictures. However, the flashing light isn’t bright enough on the initial prototype. Students try to figure out how to make it brighter.

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Tennessee Academic Standards for Science and Next Generation Science Standards Learning Targets

Tennessee Academic Standards for Science

  • 3.PS3.2: Apply scientific ideas to design, test, and refine a device that converts electrical energy to another form of energy, using open or closed simple circuits.

Next Generation Science Standards

  • Science and Engineering Practices
    Constructing Explanations and Designing Solutions

    • Grade 3-5 Element: Apply scientific ideas to solve design problems.
  • Crosscutting Concepts
    System and System Models

    • Grade 3-5 Element: A system is a group of related parts that make up a whole and can carry out functions its individual parts cannot
  • Disciplinary Core Ideas
    3.PSA. Definitions of Energy

    • Grade 3-5 Element: Energy can be moved from place to place by moving objects or through sound, light, or electric currents.

    3.PSB. Conservation of Energy and Energy Transfer

    • Grade 3-5 Element: Energy can also be transferred from place to place by electric currents, which can then be used locally to produce motion, sound, heat, or light. The currents may have been produced to begin with by transforming the energy of motion into electrical energy.
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