Science Instruction for All Students

Science standards based on A Framework for K-12 Science Education, such as the Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS), outline what students should know and be able to do by the end of instruction, reflecting how students best learn science. This approach can help all students experience meaningful science learning. 

Students engaging in curricula grounded in today’s science standards explore scientific phenomena or problems by engaging in practices actually used by scientists and engineers, such as asking questions and defining problems, planning and carrying out investigations, and presenting arguments based on evidence. The standards emphasize that students use these practices with important core ideas in each science discipline — including engineering — and with crosscutting concepts, as tools through which students can make sense of the world and connect ideas across disciplines. Together, this is three-dimensional learning: an equitable approach that helps science education reach all students.

To empower students to think critically, analyze information, and solve complex problems, the standards are arranged so that students have multiple opportunities — from elementary through high school — to build on the knowledge and skills gained during each grade. Students revisit key concepts and expand their understanding of connections across scientific domains. Visit the official website of the NGSS to learn more about today’s science standards:

The Vision for Today’s Science Standards

This infographic shows the vision of applying A Framework for K-12 Science Education and the Next Generation Science Standards. 

About the Next Generation Science Standards

The resource below explains the Next Generation Science Standards, their value to students, and the difference they can make. The information can be downloaded and printed on 8 x 4-inch cards to keep handy for sharing key points with others. Printed cards can be distributed at events or via mail. Electronic cards can be distributed via email and social media.

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